General representative of
Busch vacuum pump for the Republic of Croatia

Sales, services and spare parts



  • Director: Darko Mitar
    Tel:+3851 6222-041
    Mob:+385 98 261-054

  • Director: Danica Mitar
    Tel:+3851 6222-041
    Mob:+385 98 460-987

  • Production manager:
    Mato Markelić
    Tel:+3851 6222-041
    Mob:+385 99 2153-491

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Dear visitors, for all information and questions, please fill out the following form. If you are interested in creating a part, please be as specific as possible, and specify the dimensions, material type, purpose and quantity of production, and for new vacuum pumps and their service, give us the name and type of pump.

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