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Busch vacuum pump for the Republic of Croatia

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Mitar d.o.o.

Contact us for a quote, catalog, or implementation of new projects, and be assured of our quality, as we had persuaded some of the strongest companies in the region and beyond. Let our knowledge be your success!


Learn more about the Busch vacuum pumps, spare parts, which pump model is used in which industry, learn all about the head pressure, pressure, power vacuum, which pumps have compressor built in and other other features.

strojna obrada

We work with various types of materials such as stainless steel, plastics (PA, PE, PP), bronze, black materials. We do machining: turning, milling, grinding, gearings, hard chromming and many other process machining.


Company Mitar d.o.o. located in Velika Gorica near Zagreb. To contact us please e-mail us or contact us on some of the telephone numbers. Location and contact telephone numbers can be found on the contact page.